Vorieo Trading Company is an online retail store for Vorieo Cigars. Vorieo Cigars was founded by George James in August 2014.  Vorieo Cigars launched its first collection of handcrafted premium cigars in Nashville, TN.  Vorieo Cigars debuted Republica Dominicana - Habano, Junkanoo - Double, 1KVI:XXIX Gold - Maduro, and 1KVI:XXIX Platinum - Connecticut Wrapper.  In 2018, Republica Dominicana - Habano was rebranded to Vorieo Duck & Sun - Habano.  Each cigar brand includes four different cigar sizes: Robusto 5 x 50, Toro 6 x 50, Torpedo 6 x 52, and Double Corona 7.5 x 55.  Vorieo Cigars are aged, blended with fillers full of complex tobacco, and handcrafted in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  

Each tobacco leaf is cured after harvesting and before consumer consumption. After harvesting, the tobacco leaves must be cured, after the leaves are cured, they are sorted by color and size. Small or broken leaves are used for the cigar filler, large leaves for the inner wrapper or binder, and large, fine leaves, usually grown in shade or under cloth, are set aside for the outer wrapper.  The tobacco is kept in the shed for a period of six months to five years. The leaves undergo chemical changes during this period referred to as fermentation. During fermentation, the aroma and taste of the leaf develops.  The filler leaves must have their main vein (or stem) removed, or else the cigar will not burn evenly.  The stripped leaves are wrapped in bales and stored for further fermentation.

Cigars are checked for quality during each step of the manufacturing process. The quality of the tobacco leaves is very important, and leaves are sorted and inspected after curing, after fermentation, and before they are handcrafted into premium cigars. Vorieo Cigars are tested to measure diameter, length, and draw, only to supply a consistent and quantified experience.  Each cigar goes through a sixty month aging process which will give you a complex yet harmonious experience and exquisite aromas. 

Purchase your Vorieo Cigars for any of the following occasions:

  • After Dinner Entertainment
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Celebrating Business Deals
  • Cigar Lounges
  • Exotic Vacations
  • Home Events
  • Life Achievements
  • Sports & Leisure